Automatiqal CLI

Automatiqal CLI is the CLI wrapper around Automatiqal package.

The package allows describing Qlik (QSEoW only ... for now) deployment/administration tasks in YAML/JSON files and execute them in order against Qlik Sense Repository.

Automatiqal CLI supports:

  • multiple ways for authentication (certificates, JWT, header etc.)
  • define external variables <-> values to make each runbook re-usable
  • JSON schema that helps greatly with the runbook composition (no need to remember/know all required properties!)
  • 100+ operations (ex. app.upload, stream.update, extension.import etc). And more to follow!
  • simple and detailed output
  • onError blocks - define tasks that will be executed if some of the main tasks fail for some reason

User documentation page
Source code (GitHub)
Example "recipes" (GitHub)


The example runbook below will create new custom property with few values, it will create new tag with few values and at the end will create new stream. During the creation the stream will be tagged with couple of the newly created tags and couple values will be added from the newly created custom property:

Example runbook

Please have a look at the short introduction video below if you want to know more.

Please check out the official YouTube channel for more videos!


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