CLI tool that helps Qlik Sense developers to edit applications script outside Qlik in any text editor/IDE


Generic NodeJS package to communicate with various Qlik REST API endpoints

Qlik Repository API

Build on top of Qlik REST API this package expose all Repository endpoints as methods

Qlik Proxy API

Build on top of Qlik REST API this package expose all Proxy endpoints as methods

Qlik SaaS API

Call Qlik SaaS edition endpoints from NodeJS package

Automatiqal (TBA)

NodeJS/browser package that can run Qlik Sense deployment tasks

Automatiqal CLI (Beta)

Describe Qlik Sense (QSEoW) deployment/administration tasks in YAML file and executes them against Qlik

API Browser

Browse multiple Qlik API definitions in one place!

Coming soon

Qlik Engine REST API

The Engine expose small subset of REST API endpoints. This package can interact with these endpoints

Qlik Engine Web Socket as REST API

This package allows calling Engine's JSON-RPC endpoints through REST

Test-o-matiq (CLI and browser package)

Pre-define set of data tests in YAML/JSON file/structure and run them against an Qlik app

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