qlBuilder is a Node.js CLI tool that helps Qlik Sense developers to edit applications script outside Qlik.


The main goal of qlBuilder is to allow write Qlik scripts in environment of choice.

The script for each required application is extracted locally and stored in its own folder. Once the script is extracted it can be edited in any IDE/text editor.

Since the files are stored locally they can be put under version control.

qlBuilder also provides syntax error checks (against empty session application) and reload progress (reload is done on the Qlik server itself but the progress is shown in the local console)

Source code and complete documentation can be found at the qlBuilder repository


Being Node package, qlBuilder is installed via npm as (global) package:

npm install -g qlbuilder


qlBuilder requires two configuration files

  • global - located inside user's home folder this file stores the credentials required for Qlik Sense authentication (multiple environments are possible)
  • local - located in the folder, where the application script is stored, and defines which environment and which application is used


Multiple authentication methods are supported:

  • Windows
  • Certificates
  • JWT



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