qlBuilder update (v2 release)

A bit late than stated in the previous update but v2 of qlBuilder is finally live!

The main new feature in v2 (and that's the main reason why major version bump) is that the codebase was re-written in TypeScript. In the process few "weak" spots were identified (and handled) just because the code is TypeScript. This project benefits of TS greatly.

The other noticeable changes:

  • download qvf command - upon execution this command will download the configured qvf. By default the app will be downloaded without data. Optional parameter can change this:

qlbuilder download <env> --path c:\path-to-save --nodata false

  • config schema - from now on each new project the config will be created with an extra line on top. The line will point to the GitHub location of JSON schema that is used to suggest the values in the config file:
JSON schema - missing property

What's next for qlBuilder?

Couple of things can be potentially added in the future:

  • include / must_include - add the ability to include all external scripts into the app. If include / must_include statements are used in the script this option will get the actual content of the qvs/txt files and will replace the statement with the file content. The main reason behind this to have script which do not depend on external script files. GitHub issue to track
  • "passwordless" authentication - at the moment the credentials, that are used to communicate with Qlik, are stored either in .qlbuilder.yml or passed as environment variables. Another approach to connect to Qlik is to spin a temporary web server and redirect the user to Qlik's login page and once authenticated Qlik to redirect the user back to the temp web server and qlBuilder to use the provided cookies / headers data to continue with the required command / process. GitHub issue to track

Both suggestions will be considered but estimation need to be done before plan them. Both are interesting ones and both have their challenges :)

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