Cumulative update

First of all I want to start by wishing everyone Happy and Successful 2023!

There was not much info here recently but this doesn't means that there are no updates. On the opposite :)

This post will cover all the interesting things that happened since the last update and will introduce couple of new projects. So "something old" and "something new".

So lets start ...

Something old


v2.0 introduced new codebase (TypeScript) and new download command. After that there were few stability and bug fixes releases but also few enhancements:

  • new commands
    • section - control the script sections (add/remove/move)
    • templates - create/use config and script templates
    • createApp - creates new app and updates the config
    • appDetails - display details for the configured app
  • update to existing create command - flag to use templates
  • post install/uninstall scripts
    • install - create templates folder and sample qlBuilder.yml file
    • uninstall - removes the templates folder
  • higher NodeJS version is required - v16+
Whats next for qlBuilder?

Have few ideas that will be implemented this year. Please check out the opened issues below:

Issues · Informatiqal/qlbuilder
CLI tool that helps Qlik Sense developers to write QS script locally and update in remote app - Issues · Informatiqal/qlbuilder

Also if there is a interest a companion VSCode extension can (should?) be developed. At the moment qlbuilder deals only with the script part and if data connection creation/change is required then the developers have to make the change in the Hub. The extension can help with this process by allowing the developers to interact with the data connections from VSCode.

Qlik SaaS API

Qlik is pushing hard on it's SaaS offering and it's REST API is regularly updated. Qlik SaaS API package also follows and implement these changes. New endpoints were added:

  • Data Alerts
  • Automations
  • Tenant
  • Web Integrations
  • Notifications
  • Evaluations
  • Changes in Reload Tasks
  • Transport

Qlik Repo API

  • new way to interact with entity tag and custom properties - now is possible to specify the type of operation to be performed add/remove/set
  • various small fixes

Qlik Rest API

  • when interacting with SaaS endpoint, OAuth authentication can be used (client_id and client_secret)

Automatiqal & Automatiqal CLI

Both packages recieved a number of bug and stability fixes. They can still be labeled as "Beta" until more thorough testing is performed.

A nice new addition is the availability of JSON Schema. The schema will greatly simplify the work when writing the YAML runbboks.

Automatiqal (and CLI) are on the top of the priority list so keep an eye on this space!

Something new

Test-o-matiq CLI (name not final)

I had this idea for a few years now and finally found the time to start working on it. Test-o-matiq CLI (and the stand aloneTest-o-matiq) is a tool designed to DATA test Qlik app(s). The test cases are described in YAML/JSON file and executed agains Qlik app.

An example of Test-o-matiq file:

Test-o-matiq example

Still in early stage but good progress was made. The script from the above screenshot can actually be ran at the moment.

API Browser

When working with REST API (not only for Qlik) each developer spends descent amount of time with the API's documentation.

Qlik documentation is quite comprehensive but what I was missing was an easier way to navigate through it. Got tired of clicking back and forth between the pages.

Thus the API Browser "pet" project. The codebase is not perfect and will be optimised at some point but it is a good project for building SvelteKit knowledge.

Interactive Qlik API Browser
Browse various Qlik API definitions from a single place
Qlik Sense API Browser Home

Repo Audit

Another pet(like) project is the Repo Audit. The goal of this project is to keep track of what-when-who is done in QMC.

The project utilizes Qlik Notification REST API to be notified of any changes. Each change is stored locally to build history. The UI is very minimal at the moment.

Compare two updates on the same entity

The project is still in early development phase but it will receive proper attention soon :)


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