Automatiqal and Automatiqal CLI (early preview)

Few months ago we've announced Qlik Rest API and Qlik Repo API Node.js packages. These packages were needed for something else that was going to use them - Automatiqal and Automatiql CLI.


Automatiqal is a Node.js package and its purpose is to help automate Qlik Sense (Repository related) tasks. Automatiqal accepts JSON object input with defined tasks and executes them against Qlik Sense Repository API.

An example for tasks:

        "name": "Create tag",
        "operation": "tag.create",
        "details": {
            "name": "Some tag"
        "name": "Tag application",
        "operation": "app.update",
        "filter": "name eq 'My app'",
        "details": {
            "tags": [
                "Some tag"
Example tasks list

The above tasks will:

  • create new tag with name "Some tag"
  • apply the newly created tag to an application with name "My app"

Tasks can depends on each other and special "onError" tasks workflows can be defined.

If you want to know more please check out the package repository. The wiki section there is still under construction but it contains useful information.

GitHub - Informatiqal/automatiqal: Qlik Sense automation deployment framework
Qlik Sense automation deployment framework. Contribute to Informatiqal/automatiqal development by creating an account on GitHub.
Automatiqal repository

Automatiql CLI

Automatiqal CLI is a console/terminal package that wraps Automatiqal and allow execution of runbooks that are stored in files (yaml or json format).

We can also create generic runbook files and use "variables" files to run the runbook with different content.

For example:

- name: Create tag
  operation: tag.create
    name: ${tag_name}
- name: Tag application
  operation: app.update
  filter: name eq '${app_name}'
    - ${tag_name}
Runbook with variables
tag_name=Some tag
app_name=My app
Variables file
automatiqal --file ./deployment.yaml --variables ./runbook-variables.txt
Run with variables file

More examples can be found in the runbook_examples folder in the repository:

GitHub - Informatiqal/automatiqal-cli: Automate Qlik Sense deployments in descriptive format
Automate Qlik Sense deployments in descriptive format - GitHub - Informatiqal/automatiqal-cli: Automate Qlik Sense deployments in descriptive format
Automatiqal-CLI repository

Bit of a warning

Both are available in npm and can be used. Breaking changes are not expected but bear in mind that this is an early preview for both packages.

More tests are needed and the documentation have to be extended.

Feedback is more than welcome! :)

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